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Content Category: Rated R, Comedy
Original Release : 2005
Runtime : 112 Mins
Director: Paolo Villanueva, Ellen Ramos
Actors: Jaycee Parker, Yul Servo, Jennifer Lee
Spoken Languages: Filipino
Content Rating :

Set in 1958 Ilusyon tells the story of Miguel a young man from the countryside who decides to visit his father Pablo a Modernist painter in Manila. Upon his arrival he discovers that his father has decided to leave for the province to heal from depression after the recent death of his wife and Miguel's mother. Miguel opts to stay in Manila for a vacation - where he finds a job as a house painter and realizes that city life might fit him well. One day he meets Stella a nude model originally scheduled to pose for Miguel's father. Struck by her beauty Miguel does the unthinkable - he pretends to be his father. He pretends to paint her and hides his doodles from the unwitting Stella. Developing a relationship based on a lie things turn for the worse when Stella begets a strange skin disease that turns off Miguel. Surrounded by strange characters Miguel is driven into a frenzied realization about beauty lust love and being true to one's self.

Rating: 3.5 / 5 (2 ratings placed)