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Exotic Belly Dancing

Content Category: Educational
Original Release : 2004
Runtime : 61 Mins
Director: Rico Gutierrez
Actors: Regine Tolentino, Andrea Rosario
Spoken Languages: Filipino
Content Rating :

It began sometime in 4000 BC in ancient Egypt. It experienced a resurgence during the free love of the 60's. Now it is enjoyed as form of exercise and stands as a voice of female empowerment. It burns 300 Calories per hour. It helps shrink fat cells. But above all it will make you slim and sexy. Madonna Beyonce and Britney have incorporated it into their choreography. This is belly dancing. Hot babe Andrea Del Rosario and sultry siren Regine Tolentino with the help of two of the country's top belly dancing instructors take you through the step-by-step basics as well as provide pointers on how to accessorize yourself and put on the attitude while dancing. Invigorating intense intoxicating. Exotic belly dancing promises to let you sway swing and sweep your man off his feet in no time.

Rating: 3 / 5 (1 ratings placed)