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Working Out with Jackie Lou Blanco 2

Content Category: Educational
Original Release : 2003
Runtime : 50 Mins
Director: Rico Gutierrez
Actors: Jackie Blanco
Spoken Languages: Filipino
Content Rating :

More sweat from J. Lou. Ms. Great Bodies 2011 Jackie Loue Blanco flexes her muscles once more in this follow-up to her successful debut. After introducing you to the basics Jackie Lou switches gears to prepare you for a rigorous work-out. Strengthen your muscles and burn those calories with this new circuit. If you lack the necessary tools this video also provides helpful pointers in finding creative alternatives. Shot in the scenic "The Farm" in Batangas Working Out 2 with Jackie Lou is a relaxing watch while helping you workout. If the first one got you all heated up this will definitely get your muscles pumping for more.

Rating: 3 / 5 (1 ratings placed)