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Mavshack is a subscription-based SVOD service (Streaming Video On Demand ) primarily targeting the diaspora from the Philippines and India. The streaming service was launched in 2013 and offers a wide selection of Filipino and Indian television shows and movies. With global licensing agreements and regional partners in the Middle East, North America and Southeast Asia, Mavshack has managed to become a truly global player in the streaming market.

Subscriptions are sold both through and directly in Mavshacks apps which are available on the App Store , Google Play and Amazon Appstore. Mavshack is also partnering with distributors who offer several different payment options including cash sales and payments via mobile phone subscriptions.

About Ambientmedia
Ambientmedia, a Mavshack subsidiary, is a creative full service animation, audio and video production company. Ambientmedia turns ideas into reality by being at the forefront of content development in the Philippines. The first and only original Filipino-made 3D animated full length feature RPG Metanoia was created from concept to finished product in their studios. Ambientmedia is a B2B company and their client list include Philippine Airlines, Bank of the Philippines Islands, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Ambientmedia has also produced the first Mavshack Original animated kids program, Terry the Tarsier.

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Ambientmedia's biggest and award winning movie soon on Mavshack
Ambientmedia's biggest and award winning movie soon on Mavshack Mavshacks subsidiary Ambientmedia will show its award-winning animated movie RPG on the company's streaming service. The movie is co-produced by Ambientmedia and the Filipino film company Star Cinema/ABS-CBN. Ambientmedia has now obtained the right to show the movie on Mavshack. Mavshack is also exploring the possibility of additional revenue channels from the movie.
The movie RPG will soon be made available to subscribers of Mavshack's streaming service. Mavshack is also exploring more ways to capitalize on the movie's popularity through distribution to TV channels and non-competing streaming services. In addition to this, Ambientmedia and Mavshack are exploring the potential to also capitalize on trademark licenses through merchandising such as toys, which was initially around when the movie was playing in theaters.

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Mavshack is a Swedish company listed on NASDAQ OMX under the ticker MAV. Certified Adviser is Erik Penser AB.