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Mavshack, launched in 2013, is a global Internet TV service providing Asian entertainments to viewers around the world. People in more than 80 countries have signed up for Mavshack and they enjoy movies, TV series, documentaries and music videos from across Asia. Currently Mavshack’s media library predominantly consist of Indian and Filipino titles, but content from other Asian countries are consistently being added.

Mavshack’s target market is the vast amount of Asian people residing abroad, both within and outside of Asia. Unlike other Internet TV services, the error-message “service not available in your region” never appears for Mavshack viewers no matter where they are. This means that an Indian family living in London, a Filipino guest worker in Hong Kong or a Chinese student in California all can become Mavshack subscribers and enjoy entertainment from their home country. Mavshack strength lies in its global reach. They enable Mavshack to interact with its users on an emotional level by bringing culture from home countries into people’s homes and lives no matter where in the world they are.
Top Story
Mavshack takes important next step towards producing own content - partners with Filipino production giant Ambientmedia
Mavshack steps up its presence in the Philippines by partnering with award winning production giant Ambientmedia. This new partnership bolsters Mavshacks ability to produce its own content and allows the company to strengthen its presence in the Philippines. Ambientmedia will act as both Mavshacks production partner and new local representative in the Philippines. The partnership commenced this week and is now in full effect.
Mavshack shares
Mavshack is a Swedish company listed on NASDAQ OMX under the ticker MAV. Certified Adviser is Erik Penser AB.