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Mavshack is a subscription-based SVOD service (Streaming Video On Demand ) primarily targeting the diaspora from the Philippines and India. The streaming service was launched in 2013 and offers a wide selection of Filipino and Indian television shows and movies. With global licensing agreements and regional partners in the Middle East, North America and Southeast Asia, Mavshack has managed to become a truly global player in the streaming market.

Subscriptions are sold both through and directly in Mavshacks apps which are available on the App Store , Google Play and Amazon Appstore. Mavshack is also partnering with distributors who offer several different payment options including cash sales and payments via mobile phone subscriptions.

About Ambientmedia
Ambientmedia, a Mavshack subsidiary, is a creative full service animation, audio and video production company. Ambientmedia turns ideas into reality by being at the forefront of content development in the Philippines. The first and only original Filipino-made 3D animated full length feature RPG Metanoia was created from concept to finished product in their studios. Ambientmedia is a B2B company and their client list include Philippine Airlines, Bank of the Philippines Islands, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Ambientmedia has also produced the first Mavshack Original animated kids program, Terry the Tarsier.

Read more about Ambientmedia here

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Letter from the CEO
July 14, 2016
Fellow Shareholders:

Four (4) months from my appointment, I am pleased to share with you this update on the developments and activities in Mavshack.
Pursuant to the goals in my first CEO letter, I have concentrated on 5 main areas of concern to push Mavshack further forward. These 5 concerns are: (1) the acquisition of relevant content at cost effective levels (“CONTENT”); (2) the strengthening of the backend machinery to efficiently carry and manage the content (“BACKEND”); (3) the presentation of the content and the backend with a subscription/conversion orientation (“UX”); (4) the deployment of target market oriented marketing strategies (“MARKETING”); (5) achieving the above at a cost efficient level while delivering on target sales (“SOUND FINANCIALS”).

For CONTENT, I utilized March and April for the acquisition of relevant content. In May 2016, I was able to secure the license for more than 1,000 hours of content which inlcudes current TV programs, live news and movie titles. The newly secured content was obtained at the most ideal licensing arrangement which allows Mavshack financial breathing space whereby the bulk of licensing payments will only mature when subscriptions are secured. As you may have also recently seen in our PR and on our website, I was also able to secure premium sports content for which we now have live and archived games of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and the Philippine Super Liga Volleyball. These premium sports content was also secured under cost efficient arrangement. Note that basketball is the unofficial national sport of the Philippines and PBA has a very strong following among Filipinos worldwide. In addition and for the purpose of having a unique selling proposition to our content line-up, an ONLY on Mavshack production is now underway in Ambientmedia which should be available by the later part of this year.

In order to maintain our status as a world class global provider of content, it was decided that the Mavshack BACKEND required updating and polisihing in order to provide better content delivery at the most cost efficient manner..The UX goes hand in hand with the BACKEND as any efficiently delivered content must be accessible with ease and with the best possible user experience. It is envisioned that with a subscription/conversion oriented website, target SALES will be better facilitated.

In terms of MARKETING, strategic activites were implemented when the new content started uploading last May 2016. To maximize the MARKETING mileage from our extensive library, a weekly content release plan was formulated where, based on the same, a coordinated information dissemination strategy was patterned. The full potential of this plan had been slightly sidelined by the recently concluded holy month of Ramadan which limited our activities in the Middle Eastern Region but starting this July, this plan will allow the Mavshack marketing team, through weekly information blasts, to stay in touch with the our past and current subscribers and make announcements on Facebook, Twitter, Google ads and SMS to entice and market to new subscribers world wide especially with subscribers going through our telco partners as this is where growth is notable. Supplementary to this, Ambientmedia is also being tapped to support in marketing materials that will make our communication more attractive, enticing and effective.

The above activities entail cost to maintain and pursue and I am pleased to note the support given by you, my fellow shareholders, in our last Annual General Meeting when you approved a mandate for the board of directors to issue a maximum of 80 000 000 shares to support the activities needed to be undertaken in moving forward. As recently announced we have utilized 30 000 000 shares from this mandate in a new share issue to Abara Equities in order to finance licensing, marketing and development activities in the strategic areas we need to invest in.

With the above matters that have been, is currently and will be implemented, it is targeted that a marked improvement in Mavshack over-all performance will be achieved in the coming months. The ride in performing my tasks as CEO is, admittedly, bumpy and complicated at times but I assure you of my unwavering commitment to do the best in terms of delivery and performance.

Rainier David,
CEO Mavshack
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Mavshack is a Swedish company listed on NASDAQ OMX under the ticker MAV. Certified Adviser is Erik Penser AB.